I swear this is eventually relevant to translation

Have you ever been in the shower, or on the toilet, or lying awake in bed at night, and wondered to yourself: “What would my life be like if I was the opposite sex?”

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Completely apropos of nothing…


Completely apropos of nothing, I think this manga deserves some love.

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To answer some questions…

  1. Yes, it is.
  2. Because different people work at different speeds.
  3. Eventually.
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lyger’s 4koma review: quick reviews part 1


I figure I should get some content on this site, so I’ll be reviewing some of the manga I’ve read in the past year.

Everything in this post is going to be from the so-called “cute girls doing cute things” moé 4koma genre, of which I am an unrepentant fan. Yes, they’re formulaic and full of cliches, but it’s what I like. That doesn’t mean every review below will be positive, of course.

Since I never manage to finish a post if I allow myself to get wordy, I’ll keep the reviews as brief as I can.
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Super-Giga-Finality-Ultimate-Death-Ultimate Translator Q&A Time

I sometimes get the feeling that a lot of people love to complain about fansubs, but not a lot actually bring it up with the fansubbers directly.

I like transparency. I know many fansubbers prefer a certain aura of anonymity, but I’m always up-front about what I’ve worked on. In fact, I’ve always been open to explaining my translation decisions too… but very few people ever ask.

So I’ve completed another show, and I’m given to understand that not everyone was a huge fan of how I translated it, so the floor is yours. If you have an actual, specific question, about anything I’ve ever translated, post it in the comments and I will answer it. Anything not actually a question will be ignored.

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[kdfss] Himouto! Umaru-chan

This post is just for anyone who comes to this site wondering. Yes, kdfss is subbing Umaru-chan. I might flesh out this post later on.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

Extra 1

Extra 2

Extra 3

Extra 4

Extra 5

Extra 6

Extra 7

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SJSW: A Momentous Occasion

I have another post in the works (actually! It’s even partly written) but first, something worth commemorating happened the other day.
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TL Note: Nisekoi 14

A few weeks ago, I was translated Nisekoi with a bottle of beer and a 17th century sense of humour.  There was one line about which I was super excited, and naturally, that was the line that nobody—not even the rest of the staff—understood.


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Nisekoi drinking game!

This show is so bad sometimes, I have to invent a drinking game just to get through subbing it.

Please be warned that although Eve has only released through episode 9 thus far, this contains one scene from episodes past that. Don’t worry about it; it’s not a spoiler.
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[kdfss] Nourin (TV)

It was a few weeks after the start of the season—a season I was supposed to “have off” from fansubbing (this never actually happens)—when I heard about this show called Nourin and the piss-poor job Funimation had done translating it.

I was curious to see what kind of show it was to receive such sloppy subtitles from a professional company, plus people were drooling over that purple-haired girl, so I downloaded raws for the first three episodes and gave it a watch.

Here’s where I would like to say that my crusading spirit was awakened within me, that my heart burned with righteous indignation, that I was driven to embark on a noble quest to right the grievous wrong that Funimation had committed upon an anime of so high a caliber as this.
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